Monday, March 29, 2010

Taco flavored kisses! and my new discraftion explained

I did it.
I made the fabled Star Afghan.
...and you can even tell what it is!

I gave Taco his blanket, he seems to really love it. It's just the perfect size for his little dog bed. Grumpy old man <3 Sheydine (two friends celeb couples name) seemed very impressed that I achieved my goal.

About 6 Months ago I taught Nadine how to knit/pearl (she learned pearl after only 2 demonstrations.. in a car as she dropped me off from work) - she's now my guru, I go to her for my questions about knitting/crocheting. That kids, is how it's done. Take a lesson from me, and make yourself a teacher. Find a friend that needs a hobby, show them some stitches and let them blossom. :P But really, I'm jealous, and moral of the story I'm proud she was impressed.

Discraftion: A discraftion is a distraction from a crafting project that was recently started/almost done. (Yes, I am making this up. If it already exists, I'm not surprised, there's only so many clever ways to string together 'distraction' and 'craft')

I will soon be working from home, midnights, on a very slow shift. To do so, I had to make my beautiful macbook do something unthinkable - run windows. I bought an external hard drive (her name is Bea Ste. Maude - pronounced Bee-ah Saint Maude, but is cleverly meaning 'beast mode' - a name my boyfriend requested), she's a whole TB for me to play with. Once I get this all working though - I will be back at it.

Also, a bum fight I saw on St. Patrick's Day

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